What is a POA?

POAs, or Property Owners Associations, are corporations formed pursuant to the Georgia Property Owners’ Association Act for the purpose of exercising the powers of an association of property owners under such act.

What Are The Cons Of POAs?

Layer 1

Hefty Fines

New Extreme Rules with Hefty Fines

Layer 2

Private Territory

Foreclosure Power

Layer 3


Exempts POA from Certain Laws

Layer 4

Attorney's Fees

Possible Attorney's Fees

Layer 5


Vicious Cycles of Debt

Layer 6

Abuse of Power

More Powerful Abuse of Community, Few Members will Hold Power

Vote against making an amendment to our existing declaration

Arbor Hills

Timeline of Events


The first of two meetings featuring attorney Steven Winter was streamed via Facebook and did not have any formal or written notice. The recording can be accessed via the homeowner portal at: www.sixes.cincwebaxis.com/arborhills


Note that the first meeting was delayed due to no one receiving communications from Sixes Management Group and the decision was made to hold off on making any decisions until everyone in the community had a chance to meet and hash out an amendment that the majority could agree upon


The second meeting was allegedly scheduled for May 4th, featuring Sixes Management Group, and was streamed live via Facebook also with no written or formal notice


On May 10th Sixes Management Group claims to have sent letters disregarding the previous consent form that had been sent to community members. However, most people in the community never received said consent letters in the mail, only receiving a notice via Facebook, which is not legal, therefore also not knowing where the quorum was actually held


It appears that most people in the community never received said consent letters in the mail, only receiving a notice via Facebook, which is not legal, therefore also not knowing where the quorum was actually held.


On June 13 a Board Meeting was held, with "supposed" quorum and miscalculated votes reached through misrepresentation. However, the vote could not have been held, nor is the calculation valid per the bylines. The meeting notice was not properly served amongst other issues. To highlight this although the board claims to have changed to a POA, no change paperwork has been filed with the Pickens County Clerk of the Court, as doing so would most likely necessitate the Secretary (responsible for the action per the bylaws) to misrepresent/perjure himself. As such until the proper vote is held and amendments registered with the County Clerk, any claims of having converted to a POA are null and void and is a misrepresentation by the Board and the Property Company.

For Pickens Clerk of Superior Court Records (https://gasearch.kofile.com/Search/Default.aspx) and search for Arbor Hills.


POAs in Georgia operate under the Georgia Property Owners Association Act, which may have certain limitations or restrictions compared to more established legal frameworks for HOAs.


POAs might provide fewer powers and authorities to homeowners compared to HOAs. This could result in limited control over decision-making processes or enforcement of rules and regulations.


As POAs may not have as well-defined or standardized regulations as HOAs, it could lead to potential inconsistencies or uncertainties in rule enforcement and community management.


The HOA would no longer be responsible for filing liens at the county courthouse when they are owed a debt for unpaid assessments. The POA reinforces the authority to collect on their attorney fees and any other costs associated with the collection of those debts as well. These costs include collecting late fees of either $10 or 10% of the amount due—whichever amount is greater—and includes an interest rate of 10% per annum on unpaid assessments.

Violations that Exist in Our Community Today that Would Result in Hefty Fines Should the POA Transition Happen

HOA Member Houses

Other Houses in the Neighborhood